Gunbower Primary School

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Our School

Gunbower Primary School is a vibrant modern, well-resourced learning environment. We have been fortunate to be part of the Primary Schools for the 21st Century program and now have a new learning centre. Gunbower Primary School staff is committed to continuous improvement and achieving excellence in teaching and learning. We are committed to maintaining an emphasis on developing school, family and community partnerships in a small rural district. Our programs are designed to cater for the needs of each child and include a range of enrichment and additional assistance.



Term 2 - 2017

23rd April - Working Bee at School

26th April - Weeklt Soccer sessions start

27th April - Book Club due

1st May - Police school visit

1st May - Kinder class visit

4th May - Mother's Day morning tea

4th May - School Music program begins

8th May - Mother's Day Stall

8th May - School Council Meeting

9th - 11th May - NAPLAN

24th May - Art/PE Fun day at leitchville

31st May - Responsible Pet Ownership program

12th June - Public Holiday

19th June - School Council Meeting

22nd June - Special Lunch

30th June - End of Term
















Student Learning

 Gunbower Primary School is proud of its achievements as demonstrated in our student performance data. Our measurable data from a range of assessments is similar to or higher than other schools on adjusted school performance. The school comparison measures show we are excelling, with performance well above the predicted range for our students.

Student attendance is better than the Victorian median with continued improvement shown on the 3 year trend data.

The Student Attitudes to School survey measures students' sense of belonging to, and enjoyment of, their school. Our students like our school and continue to contribute strongly to the culture and learning environment .

Our 2010 results indicate that our students are motivated to learn and feel connected and safe at school. Gunbower Primary School has worked diligently to maintain such high levels of student engagement and connectedness, so the continuing upward trend is most pleasing. These scores are a credit to teachers' responsiveness and adaptability.


Gunbower is a town in northern Victoria, Australia. The town is located in the Shire of Campaspe, 272 kilometres (169 mi) north of the state capital, Melbourne on the banks of Gunbower Creek.